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Graphic Design Senior Project 2015

In my first investigation, the questions I had in mind were: What is Qatar? What makes Qatar Qatar? So I drove around Qatar to find that answer. 


My first method in this investigation is photography. A photograph can capture many things at one time. It captures the image of the physical space and the people inside of the camera frame at a specific time. This photographic research led me to capturing moments, moments in memorable places in Qatar.


The places included: Aspire Park, Soug Wagif, Al Shamal’s beach, Mangrove forest, Wakra’s Soug, and a farm at Qatar.

After my first investigation, I wanted to combine all of my images together somehow and to be in a context. So I decided to take the disconnected images I made in my first investigation and make a narrative out of them to bring the images together. The narrative method I chose is through a picture book that can be for both the adult and young audience to enjoy.


In the picture book, the reader will be introduced to this character and will follow him throughout his adventures around Qatar. The picture book not only makes the reader familiar with the character, but with the places in Qatar as well. And if the reader were Qatari or have been to Qatar, they will enjoy recognizing the places that they have also been to that are included in the book.

The outcome of this investigation is a 36 pages picture book. The images in the book make it unique from other picture books out there. It neither is full illustration nor is it full photography, but a something in between the two. I am satisfied with the outcome as I think a picture book is a good method to communicate my idea, which is introducing the character in an interesting way.


I was surprised when I managed to make a picture book out of the images I created. I had never thought that it was possible to make a story that will connect disconnected images. The flow of the simple narrative contrasted very well with the more complex images.

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